Coworker saves life

—Started CPR saved Roesler’s life
CRESCO - “It was a normal day,” said Kevin Roesler. But that Monday before Thanksgiving in 2020 did not end up that way.
“I was at work [H&S Motors]. I was supposed to check a car. I put the scanner up to it, and the lights went out,” he recalled. The next thing he remembered was being on a stretcher and being loaded into an ambulance.
Due to cardiac arrest, Roesler might have lost a few minutes of his life, but co-worker Brian Sobolik has clued him in as to what transpired that cold Nov. 23 day.
A co-worker noticed Roesler on the floor and was trying to revive him. Sobolik’s training kicked in, and he started chest compressions. 
Roesler jokes that he might not remember the compressions, but he does remember his ribs being sore for a month afterward.
In addition, 911 was called right away. 
Sobolik, who has been an Elma firefighter for about five years, had been working for about a minute-and-a-half when Sheriff’s Deputy Shane Thorsten pulled up, carrying his AED (Automated External Defibrillator) unit. 
[All Howard County deputies have an AED in their vehicles. Cresco Police Department has two that are shared between those on duty.]
“I was just pulling out of Kwik Star,” said Thorsten, “and got there in 1-2 minutes. [Kevin] was on the ground and [Brian] was doing CPR on him. I took over and was walking another employee through how to use the AED.”
Police Chief Tim Ruroden pulled up and took over the defibrillator. The ambulance arrived then, and its AED was used instead. Roesler’s heart was shocked once.
Once he came to, Roesler felt fine, but he was airlifted to Rochester anyway. “I was told I would be in the ICU for three days, but I was out in just 22 hours.” 
He had cardiac arrest and had an auto defibrillator installed. “In case my heart goes into defib again, it will automatically shock me. It hasn’t happened since then, as far as I know,” he explained.
It is coincidental that Roesler had triple by-pass heart surgery during the week of Thanksgiving 2010.
Roesler suggests everyone should take CPR classes. “It could save your family, friend and loved ones. It makes a big difference in the outcome. I have heard only one in 10 survive an episode.”
Thorsten agreed. “I’ve done CPR on a lot of people, but only two people made it.” He credits quick response time and a co-worker starting CPR right away for saving Roesler’s life.
Roesler can attest to that. “If it had been 10 minutes later, I would have been at lunch and alone. Or I could have been deer hunting out in the woods alone. I’d be gone. I was lucky enough to be here, where someone knew CPR.”
After the episode, Roesler stayed home from work through December and then started back. “I figured if I got tired, I’d just sit down.  I feel pretty fortunate.”

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