L.S. Council part two

—Continuation of June 2 meeting
Lime Springs - After the second half of the regular June 2 City Council meeting was postponed because of bad weather, it was reopened on Tuesday, June 9.
Several individuals came forward with open forum requests. One couple was concerned with the number of cats and especially dogs in their neighborhood. “There are 17 dogs that border our property, several of them are barking dogs. It’s hard to sit on the patio without hearing a dog.” They explained, when a person brings a dog to town, they should remember they are also bringing it to the neighbors.
The couple gave names of neighbors with barking dogs. The dog ordinance will be sent to them.
It was mentioned the city minutes are again being posted in three places around town . . . Library, Post Office and CUSB Bank. The book of ordinances is also available at the library.
Heather Knutson offered to mow Brown Park during the interim of finding a new Public Works Director. Deputy Director Ed Hampe added others have offered to help with mowing and other chores around town; this includes City Council members who are willing to test water on weekends.
Brian Johnson asked Council when the petitioned election for a new council member, which was requested a few months ago, would be taking place. Mayor Chris Chilson noted it had been put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, it could not legally be piggy-backed onto the primary election ballot.
“Julie [Chapman, Auditor] is working on a way to minimize the cost to the City,” Chilson added.
• In the past week, Fire Chief Nate Schwickerath noted the Fire Department had just one call — an abandoned vehicle roll-over on May Ave. on June 5.
• Library Board Chairman Eddie Miller reported on March 28 the Library closed. On April 1, it opened for curbside service until May 18, when it was allowed to open with guidelines being met. All of the normal programs have been cancelled until they are allowed again by state proclamation.
• Jill Tibbals stated the bottom of the pool was painted on Sunday, June 7. It needs 8-10 days to cure before water is added, that would put the date at June 15-17 to start filling. Currently, with former PWD Casey Sebastian’s resignation, the board is looking for a new Certified Pool Operator (CPO).
• The control panel for the sewer has been installed. But now aerators are desperately needed, explained Hampe. Two were ordered, with the intention of the remaining two being able to take care of the work. 
It was then found that neither of the aerators are working due to a lightening strike around Memorial Day weekend. Hampe said, “We are running on the edge. A test of 9.0 is out of compliance. I am at 8.95.” City Clerk Jane Tibbals was asked to find some to rent until the new ones arrive, which could be anywhere from 4-8 weeks.
• Hampe reported only one of the two mowers is working right now.
• Chilson stated he was meeting with Mike Born, who works for the City of Cresco. He is certified in both water and sewer and will hopefully agree to sign the affidavit for the two departments.
• Chilson said there are two roads, West Jackson and South Miller, that were paved but are now partially gravel. Quotes were given on dust control. Council member Kris Kraft will find another price from Chuck Larson.
• The estimated cost of an audit is $13,725. An AUP (Agreed Upon Procedures engagement) would cost over $4,000 and is not as thorough.
• The closing of the bridge on Merrill Street to vehicles over 5,000 pounds is troubling to farmers and others with heavy machines.
Schwickerath suggested council take the county up on its offer of sharing the cost and work to fix the bridge. The $50,000 price tag was a good deal and could be paid over time.
• Barb Robinson had some concerns with the wording of the amendment to the dog and cat ordinance. This included dates when the old tag ran out and the new one had to be renewed. Council decided to look over that ordinance, as well as the chicken/poultry one and yard waste fee. All three were approved last year, but never completed.
• With restriction put forth by Hawkeye Sanitation on garbage pickup due to COVID-19, Council decided not to have a clean-up day for 2020.
• Liquor licenses were approved for KCD’s Bar & Grill and The Mill House Bar & Grill.
• The City is now able to accept credit and debit cards at no cost to the city. The fees are paid by the customer.
• The next City Council meeting will be Tuesday, July 7 at the Community Center at 7 p.m.

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