Meet City Council candidates

The Nov. 5 election will be for city offices of mayor and council member, and new on this ballot are candidates for school board members.
The Times Plain Dealer asked the candidates to answer questions about their abilities to make those tough decisions regarding the cities in the county. Last week, school board and Cresco City officials answered questions. This week, the outlying town candidates had an opportunity to answer similar questions.Listed are the ones who turned in their questionnaires.
Several spots do not have a candidate running, so voters are asked to write-in a name. For the vote to count, the ballot must be filled out properly.
a) Name needs to be spelled correctly. (Voters can carry in a piece of paper with the spelling so they don’t need to memorize the spelling of a candidate’s name.)
b) Next to the write-in name, the circle on the ballot needs to be filled in.
c) Make sure the write-in name is in the correct Director Position on the ballot.
Questions asked included:
What assets do you bring to city government?
What are the challenges facing (your town), and how would you address them?
What are the best features of (your town)?
What goals do you have? 
Lime Springs Council
Jennifer DeVries
• Assets: I care about Lime Springs as I have lived here all my life. I think I have good ideas on what might work or what we could do to improve on a few things. I believe that being actively listening is important, and I would like to benefit everyone in town. I would work with the council and try to make changes that can help the city thrive. I would like to help find solutions for some of the important local issues that the city is facing. I want to see our taxpayers getting the most out of the tax dollars they pay in.
• Challenges: I feel the challenges that are facing our city at this time are the sewer, street repairs, cost of water bill, the budget, etc. I believe the best way to face a problem is working together and actively listening to the people who live here. Tough choices need to be made and the best way in doing that is by researching, analyzing and discussing what’s best for our town. The city council has already addressed some of these issues and are working on making a decision.
• Best features: Lime Springs is a great place to live. The best part of the city is the people. People support their neighbors and community. This town has a lot to offer. We have the Lidtke Mill, the library, L.S. Children’s Theatre, the pool, L.S. Bingo Club, Senior Citizen program, tennis courts, Fire Department, a fitness center, etc. Lime Springs is growing in the amount of events we have. I would like to see our town grow by encouraging new people to move here.
• Goals: I would like to bring in new business to promote our town. Show what Lime Springs has to offer by having new families potentially move here. I would work together with my council and make tough decisions on problems to come. I have fund-raising ideas to help bring in extra money for the big projects we have to do. I would like to dedicate myself to find a solution to the rising cost of the water bills.
Lime Springs Council
Brian Johnson
• Assets: I try to give the best judgement to all issues.
• Challenges: The biggest challenge we have been dealing with is our water sewer project.  
• Best features: We are a small town, and when there is a crisis, we work together and handle the situation very well.
• Goals: I am not sure of any goals. I just want to do what good we can do with what little we have. If I had it my way and we had the money, the city roads would be all repaired. But we do as we can and hope.
Lime Springs Council
Kristy McNamara
• Assets: I am dedicated to the best interest for the citizens in Lime Springs. I take a fair-minded, no-nonsense approach to issues, and will listen to opinions, comments and concerns of the citizens in our community 
• Challenges: Not having people of town involved with the decisions of the council. Have citizens become more connected with meetings and having input before decisions are made. 
• Best features: “Small Town Friendly” and helping others without having to be asked.
• Goals: Encourage community engagement. Represent all the citizens of Lime Springs. Residents of town need to be informed about how and why decisions are made, and where their tax dollars are being spent. The council has a responsibility to represent and keep citizens informed. 
Continue to make Lime Springs a community where people feel welcome.
Protivin Mayor
Michael Lensing
• Assets: I am currently serving as Mayor in Protivin, and have several years experience in our city government.
• Challenges: At this time our fire department is in need of more space for their equipment so they can stay progressive. We will be working with several citizens to help achieve their goals.
• Best features: We have seen a few new homes constructed in recent years and even new businesses. Also, there have been improvements to existing homes and businesses. Our town is looking good!
 We are seeing young people returning to the area to raise their families. We have hard-working, friendly people living in Protivin.
• Goals: We want to keep Protivin growing in the right direction.


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