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HOWARD COUNTY - In the Times Plain Dealer of Oct. 7, two Sheriff’s candidates (Tim Beckman and Adam Hanson) answered questions presented by the TPD and Monitor Recorder. Others who explained their reasons for running for office included Howard County Supervisor — District 1 (Bill Caffrey and Pat Murray); Supervisor District 3 (Mike Bigley and Dean Eastman); State Senate — District 26 (Waylon Brown and Deb Scharper); and State Representative — District 51 (Jane Bloomingdale and Jane Podgorniak).
Only contested race candidates were asked to participate, and all candidates were asked the same questions. Candidates are in alphabetical order:
1. Share about your family, how long you have lived in the area, education, work and anything else you feel comfortable sharing.
2. What assets do you bring to city/county/district government?
3. What are the challenges facing your town, county or district, and how would you address them?
4. What are the best features of your town, county or district?
5. What goals do you have for the position?
6. Anything else?
To be perfectly fair and to show no preference, the candidates will be listed in alphabetical order. 
County Offices
Julie Chapman (D) — 1. Family/education/work: My husband Harold and  I have two daughters, Jessica and Katie.
I have lived in Howard County since 1988. I have been employed by the Howard County Auditor’s Office for 31 years and have been the County Auditor for the last 12 years. I enjoy the responsibilities of the job.
2. Assets: I enjoy working with the public and other county departments. I enjoy working with the county finances, budgets, real estate records, insurances, payroll and working with and conducting the elections.  I have 31 years experience working in the Howard County Auditor’s Office.
3. Challenges in county: As the Howard County Auditor, I would maintain the integrity of the duties of the County Auditor and conduct business in a professional manner.
4. Best features of county: The best features of Howard County are the residents of the county. I enjoy working with them and helping them in any way my office or myself can be of assistance.
5. Goals: My goal will be to maintain the Howard County Auditor’s Office in a professional and courteous manner.
6. Anything else? I would like to thank the residents of Howard County for allowing me to serve as their county Auditor, and I look forward to continuing to serve the residents of Howard County as their Auditor.
Roxann Vokaty (D) — 1. Family/education/work: I was born and raised here. Graduated from Crestwood High School. I married Alan Vokaty, and we have one son, Shane, who currently attends UNI. We like to spend time outdoors, go camping and attend sporting events. We are UNI Panthers, Iowa Hawkeyes and Minnesota Twins fans.
2. Assets: I have worked in the office since 1997. I really enjoyed working with Cherri Caffrey — she taught me so much, and I hope I can be as good as a Recorder as she was. I have a great staff working with me in the office, Lori Balik works part-time and Heather O’Brien is full-time.
3. Challenges in county: Our challenges are the many changes from document standards, Department of Natural Resources and Iowa Department of Public Health.
4. Best features: We have always put customer service first and will continue.
5. Goals: To get everything recorded in a timely manner.
6. Anything else? If you have any questions about our office, please call me. 
Non-Partisan Offices 
RHSHC Trustees Board
(Vote no more than two)
Ed Fontes — I’ve lived in Cresco for 21 years with my wife, Sue. I’m seeking a position on the Hospital Board of Trustees to ensure quality service for Howard County and to further our community, working with talented people. 
I enjoy using my experience and knowledge to help people in the community in my commitment to serving others. I will follow Regional Health’s medical vision and mission, support the staff and other board members in our commitment to serving our community of Howard County.
My background is: Los Angeles Trade Technical College
Instructor: Los Angeles Harbor College, El Camino College and Northeast Iowa Community College (Calmar, Mason City and Dubuque)
Awards: Citations U.S. Congressional Record (10-11-72 and 1-14-75); Resolutions California State Assembly and Senate (1-75); U.S. Jaycee of the Year (1962); Who’s Who in California (1975 and 1994); Youngest drill instructor in Army, named Outstanding Soldier Sixth Army (1953)
Civil Boards: Los Angeles Police Force and Crime Prevention Committee, Redondo Beach
Voluntary and Active: Youth Motivation Task Force, Service in U.S. Army (1952-1979) and U.S. Army Reserve
Locally, I served for one term as mayor of Cresco and am also a life member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars in my commitment to serve the community and Howard County.
Bootie Kapler — I am a proud, lifelong resident of Howard County. I have had the privilege to be a part of the Board of Trustees of Regional Health Services for the past six years. During that time, we – as a team – have worked toward and achieved several important goals, most notably the large update/remodel project, which the whole community can be proud of. 
In addition to keeping everyone safe and updated on the COVID 19 crisis, Regional Health Services of Howard County continues to offer a fabulous Obstetrics Service, Pain Clinic, Orthopedic Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Physical Therapy, Senior Solutions, Cresco Family Pharmacy and Wound Clinic. 
We are going to continue to grow and add more services that are important to Howard County residents, and I would like to contribute to that effort as part of the Board.
It is important to have RHSHC here in Howard County to offer local care for all the county residents and those who come from surrounding areas for the wonderful services we offer. 
I am proud of all of the staff and volunteers who work as a team to provide quality care, and I would like to continue to serve Howard County as part of that team.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Please remember to vote.
George Willis — 1. Family/education/work: I have been married to Mary (Frana) Willis now for 11 years. She has been a life-long resident of Howard County, and I have lived in Cresco for the last 14 years. I have a degree in Industrial Technology and have worked at Featherlite for the last 18 years. 
Over these years I have had to manage and coordinate with many different departments in several different companies at the same time in different states. Featherlite afforded me the opportunity to do some long and short-range planning with limited resources and money, which in today’s world is a must.
2. Experience: I have many years of experience of working with state and federal agencies on several of the topics that challenge our hospitals and small towns today. 
Prior to moving to Cresco I lived in Calmar, where I was the mayor for a couple years. I had the chance to work with the Mayor of Cresco to join resources to put the trail in that runs from Cresco to Calmar. 
While board chair at the hospital, I was asked by the American Hospital Association to be on a delegation of 12 representatives who went to Washington, D.C. to discuss Obamacare with our Iowa State Senators. There were 12 CEOs from different Iowa hospitals. I was the only board chair who accompanied them to D.C.  
3. Challenges in county? The pandemic and its associated challenges are difficult for all of our businesses and our community. We will have to work together to keep our town growing safe and healthy for everyone. 
4. Best features of county? Howard County has the best people. Whether it is coming together to support a new clinic in Elma or finding ways to celebrate amid the pandemic . . . we always make it happen. 
5. Goals: We need to finish the new chemotherapy project, open the clinic in Elma and continue to grow our orthopedic services. 

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