Youth read essays during Memorial Day Program

What the Flag Means to Me
By Ben Isaacson
When I see the flag, I feel grateful and proud of our freedom and an amazing country. One reason I love our flag and feel proud is because people risked their lives for our country to make it a free country. The flag means so much to me because my great-grandfather served in WWI and got wounded from a bullet. My grandpa served in WWII.
When I see the flag, I immediately remember the people who died for our country and for us. The red on the flag represents hardiness and valor, white represents purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice. 
The flag was adopted in 1777, and George Washington wanted a flag in the war to represent them and how they wanted freedom from Great Britain. 
What I like the most about our flag is it waves bravely and proudly through the whole United States. We should be very proud of our freedom because some countries aren’t free, and people aren’t able to go anywhere. Even when the bad things happen, like the death of Abraham Lincoln or 9-11, the flag still waved proudly and strongly.
The first time I ever learned about the flag, I learned the flag should always be respected. The first time I said the Pledge of Allegiance, I didn’t know all the words, but I did my best at it because I knew it represented our country.
If anyone served in the war, the flag should be placed over their casket, and the funeral should be respected because they served in the war and they went through hard labor in the Army, Navy or Air Force.
I feel bad for all the families who have lost a member of their family in the war while serving for our country.
Flag Essay
By Briana Burke
The flag was adopted on June 14, 1777. The first flag was made by Betsy Ross, and she was a seamstress who made clothes for George Washington, and he came to her and told her to make the first American flag. The flag has been made different 27 times. The 50 stars stand for the 50 states and the 13 stripes stand for the 13 colonies. The red on the flag stands for courage. The white on the flag stands for purity. The blue on the flag stands for loyalty.
The flag affects me because my stepdad was in the Army, and he served in three wars. Both of my great-grandpas fought in World War II. My uncle is in the Army, but he was out for awhile because he hurt his shoulder. My great-aunt was in the Army. My cousin was in the Army. My great-uncle was in the Army.
The flag affects me because when I look at it, it makes me think of the people who served our country, died for our country and were even in the Army or military.
At my house, we have a flag outside with four lights shining on it. In the classroom, there is a flag hanging up by the whiteboard. 
When I’m grown up, I’m going to join the Army, because I want to save lives and protect our country. My friend are going to join the Army with me.
The flag makes me think of all of my family who were or is in the Army. The flag makes me think that I’m safe, and everything is okay.
Every year, I go to my sister’s grave and put a flag there, and I let go of a balloon for her. I do the same thing for my uncle and my three cousins. I have a flag hanging up in my room right above my bed. At the place I go to 4-H, there is a flag that someone holds up, and everyone in our 4-H group says the Pledge of Allegiance.
Robert Heft, a student at Ohio Lancaster High, created the design of the flag for a class project. Robert was one of the three to submit the version that was chosen and remains in use today. The flag went through 17 different versions. The flag that flew during the War of 1812 is one of the few remaining specimens of a 15-star, 15-bar flag. What’s left of it is on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.
Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics for the National Anthem after he witnessed the British attack at Fort McHenry. He watched the British rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, yet still saw the star spangled banner wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave. In 1949, June 14 was officially declared Flag Day by President Harry S. Truman.
What does the Star-Spangled Banner means to Me
By Emma Drees
The Star-Spangled Banner means to me: it shows that I am very lucky to live in the United States of America. It tells that we are strong together. It was written as a poem. Francis Scott Key wrote the poem to show his excitement of the British failing to attack the Americans. That shows me that we have fought together.
The song shows me that I am a free person because of the brave people. I am so thankful for my country, and the Star-Spangled Banner shows me that.
Why I Love the Flag
By Zoey Mehmert 
To me, the flag represents freedom, the willingness to do the right thing and the American spirit. That is just a summary of what the flag means to me. I think the flag represented good against evil.
Here are some facts about the flag before I keep talking about why I love it. The Stars and Stripes was supposedly created in 1777 by Betsy Ross, although some historian disagree whether Mrs. Ross created our flag.
The flag has special etiquette for how to properly use it. It must be raised onto a flagpole quickly and slowly taken down. It has a proper way of folding it. It must also be flown only in good weather, unless it’s weather resistant. If an important American hero, like John McCain, dies, then the flag must be flown at half mast. If there is a terrible emergency, then the flag is flown upside down with the stars on the bottom right corner.
Francis Key wrote the National Anthem after an ambush on a fort. He wondered if the Americans had won. After the cannon smoke cleared, he saw the Stars and Stripes waving over the fort. After that sight, he wrote the song. We must always take off a hat or other headwear when saying the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance.
Now, back to why I love the flag. I love the flag because of not just what it represents, but even how it looks. When U.S. troops liberated the island of Iwo Jima during WWII, a group of Marines raised the flag over Mt. Suribachi. This image shows the real meaning of the flag, that we, as a people, will stand together no matter the circumstances and come out on top, helping other people and showing kindness.
What is America and Why I Love It
By Tommy Mashek
The United States is known as the “land of the free.” Our forefathers wrote the constitution for us when we became free from England. Today, we base our rights, our Judicial system and our government on the constitution.
As a free country, we have the right to make our own decisions and choose our own education, religion and more. We can have our own opinions, and everyone is treated equally. In America, we are privileged to be protected by the U.S. military.
I love my country because we are free to have our own thoughts, make our own decisions and have our own businesses. We choose the people who run our country. Here we are protected by our laws and our five branches of the military. We have a history of people wanting to come to our country. We are the “land of the free and home of the brave.”
What Does the Star-Spangled Banner Mean to Me?
By Reagan Drees 
I think the Star-Spangled Banner is an important part of our country. It represents our country. 
The Star-Spangled Banner shows that we are free. It shows that we have brave people in our country. It shows how strong our military is. It shows how united and honored we are. It shows how grateful and blessed we are.
The Star-Spangled Banner is an important part of our country, and we should honor it.
What the Flag Means to Me
By Rose Niewoehner
I’m going to talk about what the flag means to me. When my grandpa was a veteran and was in Vietnam, he was one of the lucky ones to not get shot or killed.
We also celebrate Flag Day on June 14. Did you know each color of the flag means something? Red means - valor, white means - liberty and purity, and blue means - justice and loyalty.
Did you know that the last star was added on the flag the day of July 4, 1960, when Hawaii became a state?
When we stand for the flag, it shows respect and the symbol of freedom. Did you know the flag’s nicknames are Stars and Stripes and Old Glory?
If we didn’t have veterans, we wouldn’t be free or have freedom like some other countries that do not have freedom.
Did you know about 50 million flags are sold each year? The veterans fight in wars for us to be free and have freedom.
Did you know the Pledge was created in 1892? We are lucky to have veterans, otherwise we wouldn’t have freedom.
Did you know the flag is a symbol of our freedom and some places that do not have freedom like we do? I’m very proud of our country because we have veterans.

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