City drops nuisance complaint

LIME SPRINGS - The nuisance property at 118, E. Jackson St. in Lime Springs has been removed from future agendas after being under discussion for several years.
At the Oct. 1 Council meeting, Jeff Harden, friend and contractor for Walter Hoopman, advised council he felt he has complied with wishes of Council to clean up the property.
“I have removed Walter’s garage and worked on the back/west part of the roof. There’s been talk of critters coming and going. I saw no indication of that. Walter feeds a stray cat, but so do other people.
“The garage is gone. The weeds are gone. A neighbor lady did some tree and bush trimming.”
Harden continued, “I’m still frustrated that Walter was singled out. There were no specifics on what needed done. I look at his house and see a few things that need to be done. I look across the street, and they have things that need to be done.”
The water has been shut off to the house for a while. It was asked about how he went to the bathroom. Harden said he has gallon containers of water for urination. He goes somewhere else for other functions. He gets a shower at the Harmony care center once a week, just like the Amish do.
Mayor Kevin Bill said the City will send a sewer use bill, but leave the water shut off since it is unknown where he will be over the winter. “Jeff has completed his responsibility. There are bills [garnered by the City for the nuisance lawyer fees]. What do you want to do?” he asked Council.
Jimmy Miller said, “We got done what we wanted done. We got the house fixed. That was our goal.” All Council then agreed to drop the complaint.
Bill added, “Going forward as a City, we need to specify what work needs to be done, and the timeline has to be shorter.”
• In other business from the meeting, the Community Center purchased a new door. For Bingo and concessions during Sweet Corn Days, the organization made over $500.
• Although Fire Board members were verbally approved at the September meeting, Barb Robinson, Mike Leverson, Nathan Widell, Jason Hammon and Tary Kolek were voted on in October.
• Over Sweet Corn Days, the Pool & Parks Board received $83 from glow necklaces donated by the Junior Community Club, $467 for the dunk tank and $1,056 for the chicken dinner.
• Casey Sebastian gave his report. He is working with Rachel Boucher, a forestry specialist with the DNR, in regards to the City’s ash trees. City Clerk Rhonda Klapperich added, “There is no way the Pool & Parks Board can afford to remove the ash trees.”
~ A pump at the lift station near Casey’s stopped working. A spare one was put in by Iowa PumpWorks, who will charge rent if the City purchases elsewhere. The two pumps at Casey’s were the original ones installed in 1998. Council voted to purchase three. The third was offered at a discount and can be kept as a spare.
~ Council agreed it would be best to just fix the dump truck for about $5,000 rather than purchase a new one. Miller noted, “If you fix those problems, it might last another couple years.”
~ Council agreed to have Bolton & Menk, city engineers, use its staff to check out the water tower. Maguire Iron, Inc. gave an estimate on painting the water tower, which would cost nearly $20,000 each for the next six years, $120,000, plus more expenses.
• Richard Cottrell said the fourth nine-week session of Bingo ended. The organization was able to give $150 to each group helping with the game night each Monday. By the end of the year, he figures $8,000 will be given to local organizations.
• Council agreed to allow ServLine Insurance to service commercial properties.
• Council approved a resolution for changes and updates to the Employee Policy Handbook. The handbook was approved in August, but Council had not voted on it.
• The Street Finance Report was approved by resolution.
• Casey’s has applied to add full wine sales to its store.

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