Dr. Bohr, new area chiropractor

—Cresco native returns to practice locally
Howard-Winneshiek County - With so many of the young folks going to college and moving on to bigger communities, it is refreshing to see a college graduate return to her home.
That’s what Candice Bohr did after getting her chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Ga., graduating suma cum laude. “I wanted to see other parts of the country, but in a safety net of the school. I liked it down there. The city life was crazy. But I missed my family, so I moved back!”
Bohr was confident in her skills as a chiropractor but wanted a little guidance on business practices, so she decided to send out resumes to local chiropractors to see if they wanted to share an office.
“I was a little more picky about where I sent them out. My sister, Dr. Vanessa Bohr, who is also a chiropractor, thought I should send them everywhere. I just sent them in the Cresco/Decorah and Cedar Falls area.” Vanessa now works in Nebraska.
As soon as Dr. Sheila Wemark got the letter she responded, “Do you want to start tomorrow?!”
Bohr was pleased. “It just kind of worked out. It helps her because she is busy, plus she has four boys. That’s a busy life on both ends of the spectrum.”
Just what the doctor 
After Wemark’s offer, Bohr visited all the locations — Lime Springs, Elma and Ridgeway. She liked the fact that among those locations, Wemark has different types of modalities. They include reflexology, midwife, massage therapy, nutrition response and healing touch. “It’s not just chiropractic. The modalities give an alternative health option for those interested.”
Start-up for Bohr was fairly easy. “Sheila has an established office, and she has her own table. There isn’t a big expense at the beginning for me. Plus she’s really, really helped me out with that. She’s a godsend.”
Once Bohr got everything figured out, she opted to start the first of the year, Jan. 2.
 Patients benefit 
“Part of my philosophy is helping the community. And being able to have an office in the small towns . . . it’s huge. Travelwise, it helps out a lot of patients,” Bohr added.
Another great bonus for Wemark’s patients is having an option for what works better for their schedule. 
The two doctors are not in the office at the same time. For example, Wemark is in Elma from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. on Monday and 7 a.m.-noon on Thursday. Patients will find Bohr in the office the following days; 11 a.m.-6 p.m. on Tuesday and 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on Friday.
Women in chiropractic
Bohr was happy to be able to work with a female doctor.
“It is nice to have a female professional as a role model to show the balance between personal family life and professional life. It’s great that more women are getting into this profession.” Bohr noted.
“There are many different types of techniques’ and each doctor has to find what resonates with them and their body type. It’s great to be able to get tips from Sheila. It’s good to work with another chiropractor to learn more tricks of the trade.”
After graduating from Crestwood High School in 2011, Bohr graduated from University of Northern Iowa with BA in biology and a minor in chemistry. She said attending Northeast Iowa Community College while in high school “allowed me to take a whole year off undergrad, so I only had to do three years for undergrad.”
At Life University, Bohr was a tutor throughout her years there. She graduated in the top six of  114 classmates.
Method of practice
Just like Wemark, Bohr is comfortable with a drop table. She also uses instrument-assisted adjusting. “For me, I liked the results I had gotten. Each body is a little different.
“Each patient presents with a different health issue which will require different treatment plans that will be worked out together between the patient and myself.”
She explains, “It is basically trying to awaken your innate system. The nervous system controls everything, so getting it checked is the best thing for you. I call it preventative care.
“Usually pain is the reason we go in to see a chiropractor. It is the last symptom of something being wrong. And it’s usually the first to go away, so people stop coming. But the problem isn’t solved.”
Bohr has two different Insight CLA scanners to help give her a deeper look into the nervous system to see how it is functioning.
The first shows where there might be an increase or irritation in the nervous system. The other shows how muscles are functioning and how they are using their energy or if they are using it efficiently.
How chiropractic care can help
Bohr gave some symptoms that could be helped with chiropractic care other than the typical low back and neck pain:
• Newborns because they just went through a traumatic experience.
• New mothers, same as above
• Constipation in babies
• Colicky babies
• Ear infections
• Kids bedwetting 
• Allergies
• Prostrate problems
• Menstrual problems
Bohr has enjoyed the first month of her professional life. “I have had no issues. The patients are great!” Anyone wishing to make an appointment with her can do so at 563-203-2413. 
It’s wonderful to see our graduates returning to Howard County to practice. Support Bohr in return by visiting her place of business.

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