RAGBRAI wrap-up meeting


CRESCO - T.J. Juskiewicz, director, and Scott Garner, assistant director, of RAGBRAI attended a wrap-up meeting for Cresco’s July 27 event on Aug. 30. Juskiewicz joked, “If we had asked for a meeting the next week, you would have said no way!”
The comments the RAGBRAI duo had for members of the local committee were all positive. “You are going to be your hardest critics. No one saw those behind-the-scene things that were taken care of. All we heard was they had fun in Cresco,” Juskiewicz told the group. “People had an amazing time, and it was this committee. Every time we came, we felt really welcomed.” Juskiewicz said that was how the riders saw the community as well.
During a breakfast supplied by Chamber personnel, Katie Ferrie showed a video of the entire RAGBRAI process. It highlighted lots of smiling faces and people having fun! And having fun is what Juskiewicz stressed each time he came to Cresco to see how committee members were progressing. “It’s just one day,” he would stress.
Each chairperson was given a chance to express “the good, the bad and the ugly” about their experience, but they mostly just had good things to say about the event. Some of the negatives were really just notes to themselves and RAGBRAI officials on how things could run more smoothly in upcoming years. 
• Have a larger map of Cresco with all the streets for information centers.
• Have a separate area in the first-aid tent for sports medicine issues.
• Change some information on housing applications.
• More/better cell phone boosters (Although no service is a common problem when 24,000 extra people come into a town of 4,000.).
• Perhaps have an RV dump service available at towns along the route. (Ryan McCarville of the camping committee said dumping was the first thing RVers asked for when coming to town.)
• Maybe have separate food vendors at the high school grounds.
• For transportation, have direct buses from campground to uptown, not making it a big loop
• Perhaps, more people at intersections to answer questions
•Have a conference call or website for overnight towns to go to for comments from other towns.
• Have social media committee come to publicity committee meetings.
Public Works Director Rod Freidhof mentioned the city pumped an extra 250,000 gallons of water that day, with 200,000 going through the wastewater plant. That leaves 50,000 either taken with the riders or dumped on the ground, possibly with showers. The normal amount of water used the end of July is about 250,000.
The high school made around $13,000 in shower income.
Cresco RAGBRAI treasurer Andy Ludeking gave the financial report, stating the committee right off the top gave $3,000 to Cresco Community Fire Department for running the Spirit Garden all day and night. In addition, all non-profits had their vendor fees returned to them (unless electricity was used) for a total of $1,200.
That left a profit of $16,564.18, with a few bills still outstanding.
Some of the income included $13,979.13 for in-kind donations; $14,750 cash in donations from businesses (although the committee did not actively ask for donations); and $8,500 from RAGBRAI for being a host city.
Other income, not including expenses, showed beer sales at nearly $27,000, vendor fees at just over $15,000 and t-shirt sales of over $14,000. There were many expenses including bands, supplies, porta-potties, etc.
The $8,500 from RAGBRAI is being put into a CD to be used as start-up money for the next time the event comes through Cresco.
That leaves roughly $8,000 profit, which does not include all the money local non-profits and businesses made from the “sleepover!” The executive committee will be naming a project or projects for the proceeds in the coming weeks.
Dennis Meirick gave an update on the event as it passed through Protivin. “It was a very successful and enjoyable day. Organizers were greatful for the 200-plus volunteers who made the day fun for all involved! Special thanks goes to the Protivin Booster Club for spear-heading the effort.  The proceeds will be shared between Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Catholic School and the Protivin Fire Department.  RAGBRAI is welcomed back anytime!”

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